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EZ-Squeeze™ Gelatin Shot Cups


When squeezing the 2oz capacity cup, the contents are gently eased upwards to the top of the cup where it can be accessed to your mouth easily without a mess and more importantly, without using your finger to loosen up or dig out the jello! The accordion-like, flexible design means getting the jello out is a breeze.

NOTE: It is recommended to place lids on the EZ-Squeeze cup once the gelatin is set.

EZ-Squeeze Cups will NOT crack when you squeeze 'em, so they can be re-used.

The unique, stylish design of the EZ-Squeeze Cup also includes two large gaps at the base of the cup that allow cold air to flow freely beneath the cup, which chills the contents faster and decreases the "set-time" for Jello!!! (PATENTED DESIGN)

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EZ-Squeeze™ Gelatin Shot Cups (PATENTED DESIGN) make for a quick, unique, and mess-less jello shooting experience!

The EZ-Squeeze Jello Shot Cup in action!

Everyone loves jello shots, but how do you get the jello out!?- Nothing says “fun” like that tasty special combination of jello and ‘booze. Jello shots are a “hit’ anywhere you serve them, especially around the Holidays, and with so many awesome jello shot recipes available, you’ll want to try them all!

paperHowever, if there's one complication, its getting the jello out of the cup! Standard hard plastic shot cups or paper condiment cups are simply not suited for jello shots. The rigid round bottom makes it nearly impossible to get all the jello out with without digging your fingers in the shot, loosening the jello, or spraying a foul-tasting cooking spray in the cups. Paper cups are worse, since they are made for quick use from ketchup and mustard, over time they will leak as the jello mix absorbs into the paper cup.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a 2oz cup that was DESIGNED AND MADE FOR JELLO SHOTS?! A cup that was shaped to fit your mouth, one that you squeezed the shot out into your mouth, so there was no mess, no digging and no cracking…!?...Well, here it is!


“The EZ-Squeeze™ Gelatin Shot Cups with Lids”

These soft plastic cups feature a unique, patented, compressible "accordion-like" bottom. Simply squeeze the base together, and the cup flattens laterally pushing the jello shot out to the top of the cup in one clean motion. No longer will you have to dig, lick, twist (and typically drool) all over to get that jello shot out of the shot cup. 

Fill, Chill, Squeeze, Enjoy! EZ-Squeeze Jello Shot Cups

Its simple one piece construction that is just as easy to use on the first jello shot as the fifth. The EZ-Squeeze™ Gelatin Shot Cup is marketed, and created to be disposable product. This makes it great for bars, nightclubs, or larger parties where you know its highly unlikely you'll be reclaiming them at the end of the night. But, since the cups don’t crack when you use them, you can easily wash them out with warm soapy water or toss them in the dishwasher and re-use them over again!

In addition, special airflow grooves along the base of the cup allow the contents to chill faster and set quicker, (just like how a bridge freezes before land, the cold air in the refrigerator circulates around the cup).

The cups are a great conversation starter as well as an innovative new way to dispense your jello shots, we offer the EZ-Squeeze in a variety of quantities to suite your needs, from small get-togethers to large clubs and bars. Call us now or order online anytime!

  • Standard 2oz jello shot size capacity!
  • Accordion like base allows the cup to squeeze flat, the jello shot is out up and into your mouth in one clean squeeze!
  • Re-usable or disposable!
  • Space saving custom fit lids that allow for sealing and stacking are available!
  • Patented Design

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