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Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Royal Penn Products, LLC is a company that supplies multiple industries with unique and innovative products at a low-cost for retail, household, and commercial applications. Primarily, Royal Penn Products, LLC is the sole owner and manager of the legal production rights and U.S. Patents for the EZ-Squeeze™ Jello Shot Cups, EZ-Inject™ Jello Shot Syringes, EZ-Gelatin Shot Mixes, and the unique Peni-Colada™ Shot Syringes which make up the globally recognized brand "EZ-Gelatin Shot Products"

Royal Penn specializes in manufacturing top quality jello shot products at an affordable cost to consumers with a proven dedication to providing unmatched customer service and support.

Royal Penn Products

Since 2006, over 15+ Million EZ-Jello Shot Products have been enjoyed by various customers around the world. Our products have been used by or are currently found at top establishments such as Applebee's Restaurants, Dave and Buster's locations, Party City stores, numerous bars/nightclubs, and on the shelves of over 450+ different nationwide retailers. The EZ-Jello Shot Products brand also has an international presence in Australia, Mexico, United Kingdom, Canada, Dominican Republic, and Sweden. Through heavy marketing and extensive tradeshow exhibiting, the EZ-Gelatin Shot Products customer base and demand continues to grow each year.


The research and engineering team at Royal Penn Products are always working hard to create more innovative products like the EZ-Squeeze™, EZ-Inject™, and Peni-Colada™ which have transformed the way people enjoy jello shots. We currently have several more projects underway on our agenda and plan to offer them in the Summer of 2014. Our team of skilled draftsmen and prototypers can also help transform your own ideas for products into a reality. (Contact us directly for more details with regards to new product ideas or designs!)

EZ-Jello Shot Products Tradeshow booth 2013 Halloween and Party Supply Expo (Houston, TX)

Dedicated Customer Service and FAST SHIPPING

The EZ Jello Shot WarehouseOur number one goal at Royal Penn is 100% Customer Satisfaction. We love our customers, and we want them to be happy. Our company promises to work hard to fulfill all orders in a timely manner with an open channel of communication to our customers/clients. Call us at 1-888-433-9709 or e-mail us at any time, and you'll see that we always respond promptly and address your questions or concerns.

Superior Product Performance and Presentation:

Through design and development collaboration focusing on customer expectations, Royal Penn ensures we offer a top quality product that has been vigorously tested using random sampling methods and under extreme conditions. Our EZ-Gelatin™ Shot brand products are unique and made with the best materials, which results in our products being far greater than our competitors.

Customized Purchasing and Bulk Discounts:

Whether you intend to purchase EZ-Gelatin™ Shot Products for everyday home party use, retail distribution, or commercial foodservice, we have a special unit price for you to fit your needs and increase your profit margins. We have no minimums or maximum requirements for purchasing and contact us directly for bulk pricing discount price sheets.

Contact us today at or click "contact us" for more information regarding Royal Penn Products, LLC

EZ-Gelatin Shot Products

Questions? Give us a call: 1-888-433-9709

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